What Was and What Will Be

Last night I started thinking about something I haven’t given much consideration until now. I live in a converted barn that is now a house. What might have happened in the barn, before it was a house? There potentially could have been a lot of deaths and births here. The other day my friend mentioned she thought she saw a face, possibly of a ghost upstairs. I wonder what kind of animals used to live here. Compounded on all this thought of what might have been, I am thinking about what could be as well. I would really like to raise animals. I want to have chickens. There is a coop outside that needs quite a bit of love, but the structure is there… There is potential. I’d like to do some research on this. I guess I need to find a good book about caring for chickens. I think it would be a great experience to grow some chicks!

Sacred Spaces

This image comes from De LaVeaga park in Santa Cruz, CA. I used to live right by this park; across the street from it, actually. I like to call this the “Gnome Hole” and it reminds me a bit of Alice in Wonderland. It seems as if you could fall in and find another world inside. Every time I would pass by it, I would have to stop and ponder the possibilities, at least for a moment. Banana slugs can often be found nearby. I enjoyed this spot so much, I had to go back without my dog Charlie to re-photograph the mini-delight. I took these images for a digital photography class I was taking this past Fall, but I didn’t end up using any of the gnome hole shots. I wanted to, but they just weren’t working right in my composites. I wanted to take a moment to revisit the idea of spaces we hold sacred, and for what reasons. This park will always have a special place in my heart. The redwood forest has symbolized many things to me. I’m sure that you have special places you hold dear to you as well. Where, and why? I’m hoping to be able to seek out some magic in good old California in 2012. There are so many amazing places I have yet to see, in my own backyard. Suggestions welcome, of course! I already have a list of places to visit in nearby Big Sur. I can’t believe I haven’t been there in 15 years, and I live less than two hours away!

Gnome Hole

Can be found in De LaVeaga Park, Santa Cruz, CA.

Lauren knows What’s Up!

I managed to capture my friend Lauren performing a cover of the Four Non Blondes song What’s Up at Constant Creations art space/studio in Santa Cruz, CA. Lauren has been performing every other Saturday at the Poet and the Patriot in Santa Cruz as well. This girl has got TALENT!

A Dizzy Secret

Video footage I captured at the circus event at the American Legion in South Lake Tahoe, CA March 4, 2011. Live music by Waiting for Tim and performance by Orange Mika Ela of the Willy Woggle Circus. This is one of my all-time favorite venues and it was a pleasure to get to go back and attend another event there when visiting the town I like to think of as home.


Time is always ticking. I tend to let thoughts and ideas go. I would like a place to store these things for greater self-reflection. So, I’m starting ‘Meet and Greet the Beat’ with the intention of writing more. I’m not exactly sure about my content, because I know I can tend to be all over the shop with subject matter and pure randomness. I hope to acquire some readers as well, yet I know this process is for personal gain. You never know though, I may just have the useful info you are looking for… sometimes.