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What Was and What Will Be

Last night I started thinking about something I haven’t given much consideration until now. I live in a converted barn that is now a house. What might have happened in the barn, before it was a house? There potentially could have been a lot of deaths and births here. The other day my friend mentioned she thought she saw a face, possibly of a ghost upstairs. I wonder what kind of animals used to live here. Compounded on all this thought of what might have been, I am thinking about what could be as well. I would really like to raise animals. I want to have chickens. There is a coop outside that needs quite a bit of love, but the structure is there… There is potential. I’d like to do some research on this. I guess I need to find a good book about caring for chickens. I think it would be a great experience to grow some chicks!


One response to “What Was and What Will Be

  1. Natalie ⋅


    Yo, I just got to work and am checking out your link. You should talk to Lindsay because she has raised lots of chickens and she knows the proper way to raise them and set up a coop. I’m sure she would be happy to let you know details if you express interest. She has raised cows and pigs too!

    So, speaking of crazy spaces. My office is a construction zone, and it is in an old building that used to be condominiums during the time of the 1960 Olympics. Who used to live here? I wonder….

    Last night it did snow but now it is rain….It’s crazy there has literally been no snow, this is the driest winter since the late 1800’s. The only place that is getting a lot of snow is Alaska right now. Food for thought, I don’t know but I should get to work. 🙂

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